Alison is currently a PhD Researcher at the Department of English at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research project focuses on creative processes, production methods and critical theories shared by visual artists and experiemntal writers to produce poetic outcomes. She is an Associate Member of the Poetics Research Group at RHUL.

I am knot . . is a project that investigates issues of POWER dressing through the aesthetics & values  of tie knots—to create an experimental series of page-based & POSTER outcomes.

I am knot. . . video performance & text, 2016

In this video Alison performs the sequence of tie knot instructions—  Lo Ri Co T / Li Ro Li Ro Li Co T / Lo Ri Lo Ri CoT / KNOT 24 ADD / Lo Ci Ro Ci  Lo Ro Li Co T / Lo Ri Lo Ci Ro Li Co T—to perform and produce an example of the Oriental, Victoria, Kelvin,check 24, Balthus and St Andrews tie knots & to develop new instructions for writing the text.

Conceptual Reading as Writing is a series of video performance, mark-ups, readings, instructions and book combinations that Alison developed around the title ‘What Duchamp Said, Even.’


from What Duchamp Said Even Annotations for Instructions, 2016

Alison's aim was to get inside the processes of Duchamp by developing a conceptual poem out of Duchamp’s own words.  She developed a system of annotation as a process of marking up my pages to highlight and to distort the language of the page and experimented with sewing and seams as a method of joining and creating new lines of poetry. By video her experiments Alison went on to develop a series of instructions for marking up, reading and sewing together pages as live performative acts.

from What Duchamp Said A Conceptual Book, Even p.1 L5 of 153 page book of no particular order