Poetic Matter

Alison has collaborated with a number of artists, designers and choreographers. Throughout these projects she has developed methods of shared creative practice through the production of diagrams, text, sound recording, posters, essays, dialogues, videos and live performances.

Poetic Matter is Alison's collaborative partnership with choreographer Elaine Thomas. Together, they have developed and performed a series of live-poetic-dance-performances at commercial venues, conferences and peer-to-peer forums. 


Projects & Performances include:

Making S p a c e s  a. Poetic Response

Vital Signs Festival, University of Salford, 2018

texture. aesthetic. production.

Dance Fields Conference, Roehampton, 2017

Thus in the crossing

Practice, Process & Paradox Conference, 2013

E:POETRY, 2013


Shiobhan Davis Dance Forum, 2010

Village Underground, 2010

Roehampton Dance Festival, 2010

Poetic Matter_ a forestry practice_2018.
Still from  Making S p a c e s  a. Poetic Response, 2018
Artist Statement from texture.aesthetic.production film, 2017
texture.aesthetic.production, Dance Fields, 2017
Thus in the crossing, perfromance & lecture, - Practice, Process, Paradox Conference, Roehampton University, 2013