Art & Poetry

Duchamp i. love You, DARN is a poetic-reading-space that explores folding, seams & machine sewing as spaces for poetic dialogues & for making & reading poetry.

Thank you to adjacent pineapple for publishing this work in issue 1, Nov 2017.

I am knot…a. poster in pieces of  POWER is a limited edition artists' book of seven A4 sized POWER slogans housed in a box.


Based on the instructions of tie knots, Alison has developed a system of folding paper to create sculptural forms and new representations of language as a collection of A4 POWER slogans pages. These can be assembled to make up a variety of poster combinations.

Published by & available to purchase from ambergris editions

In 2015 ambergris editions held a series of print workshops led by Lisa Wilkens in the Window Room kitchen of Wysing Arts Centre. 9x artists and 1x curator learnt how to create using the lo-fi technique of Kitchen Lithography – a homespun process using kitchen foil, cola, ink, paper and a wooden spoon.


Each participant was invited to make a print for the Kitchen Foil Print Portfolio which is now available from ambergris editions.

Alison’s poems have appeared in a variety of arts and poetry magazines & anthologies including: 3:AM Magazine, Colony Literary Magazine, This Corner, An Anthology For Robert, The Other Room Anthology, Kakania, Wasifari, SATURDAY, Poetry Wales & adjacent pineapple.

Her publications are a. vase, Parallel to Red in Chorus,  Pomegranates In the Oak & Silent Diagram, & I am knot . . . a. poster in pieces of POWER